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The construction stage begins with a pre- construction meeting brought together by the superintendent. The pre-construction meeting is to make decisions dealing with work hours, material storage, quality control, and site access. The next step is to move everything onto the construction site and set it all up. At this stage, construction monitoring and supervision is of great importance to ensure that a project is completed on time and on budget, while meeting all relevant regulations and quality standards. At this stage our responsibility is clear to control, direct and co-ordinate the work and performance. To complete a project on time and on budget while meeting all relevant regulations and quality standards is our goal and this has been achieved with perfect monitoring and supervision by our teams several times in many projects.


We are one of the leading group in the Architects.We provide Architects For Residential, Architects For Building, Architects For Office, Interior Architects, Residence Interior Designers and much more.We offer a myriad of architectural design and development services for bungalows, hospitals, hotels, corporate offices, banking and financial institutions, commercial complexes, shopping malls, educational institutions, recreational centres, sports centres, airports, townships, railway stations, low-cost housing projects, and civil redevelopment and infrastructure projects.

AAC block

AAC block product has many advantages such as lighter quality, better heat preservation property and better sound absorption or insulation effect in comparison with common brick. What's more, it has certain strength, compression degree and machinability. All these are functions common brick doesn't have. Thus, as construction material and heat preservation material, AAC brick is widely applied in construction field and is paid more attention to by countries all over the world. Adding foaming agent and stirring with water, it produces pore seam after chemical reaction. After poring molding, pre-storage cutting and autoclaved maintenance technological process, it finally develops into multi-pore silicate concrete.


Our support team reviews the projects undertaken, by ensuring timely delivery of the materials, within the budgeted costs. A procurement schedule is derived from the Construction program and used by this team. Integrity, transparency and dedication are the hall marks of our Procurement team who handles all tasks with ease and efficiency whether they are complex or simple products to source. All efforts are made to ensure adherence to the Quality system meeting the quality, safety and environmental standards in dealing with known suppliers and the products they supply, closely monitoring their performance regularly involving the Project Managements in the process.


We offer inexplicably the best corporate interior solutions, imparting the beauty that exudes itself in the best form, attracting and creating an indelible impression in the minds of people. We work to enliven the heart and mind, spell-bounding the people with our unique execution of the proposed plans by our clients. Whether it is a small room interior work or beautifying the interiors of the conference, workstations, you can rely on us.